About This Blog

Believe it or not, in 2012 it took me forever
to come up with this blog name mostly because I had a hard time figuring
out what the focus of this blog was going to be and where I wanted it
to go in the future.
 Back then I couldn’t cook worth beans (nope, can’t
even cook beans), so recipes was easily ruled out. haha. I was just BARELY
getting into crafting and re-doing things, painting, and decorating so I
knew I would have run out of posts sooner or later with that. Then I
thought “do I really want to make this blog ALL about ME?”

 The answer:  No.
I wanted it to be about:
Thoughts, stories, or funny things just in everyday life,
My craft projects and room makeovers,
Adventures we go on with family
Music I write (yes I compose and am currently working on a song to get published)
Pieces of inspiration and people that fill my life
Blessings, so that in hard times I won’t forget

And so, finally the idea “You, Me, & Us” was born.
And THAT is the perfect name for this blog.
Here we are 3 years later and lots has changed:
I CAN cook pretty well (STILL haven’t tried beans yet though….canned beans are so much FASTER! haha),
We have a son, Trevin, who is SO fun and has opened up my world to new adventures– stories, kid crafts, and parenting.
We moved, so with this home I have a new blank canvas to go crazy with.
And life is still fun and adventurous.  Never gets boring around here!
So whether you’re looking for a craft blog, or a mommy-blog, or a blog to help keep life in perspective, welcome!
Welcome to the You, Me, & Us Blog.  :)