Brigham – Two Months!

Brigham – Two Months!
January 5, 2016 You Me and Us

After Trevin crawled under our Christmas tree to plug in the lights…

And coloring with markers…

And after learning how to correctly wash our hands (I just love those little hands)

THEN we took 1001 pictures to celebrate brother, Brigham, turning 2 months old yesterday.
Don’t you love that little tie and those squooshy little cheeks?! :)

“Hi mom. (Wave) Are we done yet?” 😉

The comparison: (1 month & 2 months)

And took some pics with older brother in our matching ties, of course!!

And in all their cheesing glory…

“Brigham, why are your toes are so small?… ”

“OK, they’re cute. ”

“This is how you do a high five”

“Then slap my hand like that. .. Yeaahhh, you did it!”