Hey Brother

Hey Brother
January 4, 2016 You Me and Us

Today was all about family and food.
Like Trevin’s discovery on what a chipmunk must feel like to hoard food.



And making cinnamon sugar snowflakes by folding and cutting tortillas, spreading melted butter on them, sprinkling on sugar and cinnamon, then baking for 5 min.




While Dustin and I made dinner, I assigned Trevin the task of cutting grapes… For no logical reason except I needed something to keep him from cutting everything else, his latest obsession, with scissors or a butter knife.



We had BLT’s for dinner, which Dustin EVER so subtly said should have been named Tbl’s (with a capital T) due to the monstrous tomatoes. Oh and Brigham? Yeah, he got milk. I know, deprived 😉


Snowflake dessert time! No time for Trevin to pose for a picture. Too busy mom!!



In the middle of our sugary mess, we FINALLY found and played the song “Hey Brother” on YouTube. I say this because on a daily basis we all (including older brother Trevin here) say “Hey brother” to Brigham. And have done so for… Well, his entire life (so, ok, two months, haha). So we finally played the song that is associated with that phrase, in all YouTube varieties of course. We played it so many times that Trevin really got the hang of it and started inserting “Brigham” where “brother” was sung :). Enjoy “Hey Brother,” a cover by Trevin :)