It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day

It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day
January 13, 2016 You Me and Us

Last night Dustin and I talked about life goals. We’d love to end up somewhere green… Obviously Trevin would MORE than love that. He literally plopped himself down on this bush as we were trying to hurry into our appointment at the pediatrician’s office. Uhhh… Why he chose to do that I have no idea. Fluffy green bean bag?


After our appointment everyone was in a good mood so I decided it would be safe to go to Walmart. We got lots of fruit and veggies. Trevin helped me prep them on a tray to take to my friend who just had her baby.

And we made a tray for us too.

The boys cleaned the bathrooms :)

While I made dinner, (sausage and potatoes)

Yep, compared to yesterday especially, today was completely opposite, a good day for a good day 😉