Jan 1st. Smirky Smirk

Jan 1st. Smirky Smirk
January 2, 2016 You Me and Us

Happy New Year!! Well.. Sorta (insert smirky smirk).
We began 2016 with a wiff of fresh air… Yeah, um, no. Picture, if you will, a smelly greenish smear across my crisp white bed sheets. (Thanks Trevin). NOW you’re in my world. Haha.
Oh and thank you, my ever-so-changing body, for deciding to begin the year with a period, the irony being that it’s been a full year since I had one…. so you figured… why not start on the 1st of the month to make the cycles easier to keep track of right? Good plan. But a little warning next time?


Dustin fooling Trevin into thinking his toes were being eaten alive by our memory foam mattress. ( Dustin has to count the number of toes every time he sees this picture.)


We took a walk. All four of us. The weather was awesome. Ended up walking a mile to our friend Alissa’s house where Trevin just HAD to play with Kali and Lacie Jo both of whom he loves!! Lacie Jo(age 3) held Brigham and kept saying that he was so cute. He takes after me so of course he is 😉  She got her lipstick on his head. Haha. And he peed out his diaper and all over his onesie (revenge? Haha ) I’m glad we could help Alissa see what her near future is going to look like (she’s pregnant with a boy).  😉
Dustin was on his bike pulling Trevin in the bike trailer that we got for $15 at a yard sale. I of course was left to pioneer the journey on foot with Brigham chilling in the stroller.


Dustin and Brigham fell asleep. They partied pretty hard the night before (New Years Eve)…I mean seriously, milk coma right Brigham?
Trevin pretended to be asleep here too and of course mom was TOTALLY fooled 😉


I told him if he laid down asleep for one more picture I would give him a piece of candy. Picture perfect in plaid. I love my boys.


We went to the park where Trevin made a little friend, Owen. I met his mom, Elaine, a Chinese woman who was super nice and had a 3 month old. It was easy to relate to lack of sleep and a highly energetic toddler.  We hope to see them at the park again soon.
Wendy’s for dinner cuz cooking is my forte… 😉
Even though our year started out pretty messy (literally, wop wop), it was super fun and I’m excited for the next 364 days 😉