Little Faces

Little Faces
January 6, 2016 You Me and Us

Two years ago, I put together this little collage of my favorite Trevin faces. 🙂

Those pics and the fun pics I took of Trevin while we played really made me pause and reflect on just how precious their little faces are:

Love that smile.
I hope they’ll laugh and smile together in a few short months

And be the best of friends

And give squishy hugs and kisses (I know this hug looks more like a tackle, but baby is safe, don’t worry.)

I love being with Trevin and watching as every single day there is something new he’s learning. Like with numbers. He’s known how to count to 10 since he was 2. (So, 7 months now). But matching up the numbers in his head with what they look like on his fingers and in numerical form… It’s been fun to watch it all come together as he plays with the Duplo blocks train we got him for Christmas:

Search and find the numbers and put ’em in order.

He loves coloring with colored pencils, markers, crayons, and painting with watercolors and dot markers.

We discovered a secret tunnel today. If you pull the drawers out from under our train table that Grandma Parris found for us, you can play a fun game of peek-a-boo AND even crawl all the way thru :)

Trevin also discovered that straws whistle, haha. When you squeeze an empty juice box, the air that comes out the straw sounds just like a whistle. Trevin thought it was hilarious. I’m sad that my battery was too low on my phone to take a video.

Brigham was fussy and didn’t sleep more than 30 minutes at a time for the entire day. I was kind of going crazy. Ha. There was a super sweet moment between these brothers. Brigham was happy but then started getting fussy again, so Trevin ran in the toy room and came back with a car and said “Here ya go” as he tried to hand him the car. I’m so happy I was in position to capture the moment.

I’ve discovered that my love of sleeping combined with raising two boys ends up leaving me makeup-less most days. Most days, for now, I’m OK with that. Because in raising a newborn and toddler, I’ll take all the sleep I can get. Besides, my kids don’t care right? Plus, hey, I save a lot of money on cosmetics so…. 😉
I definitely try to get ready for the day everyday because I feel better when I do. But lately this newborn and toddler combo has proven to be a pretty tricky balancing act and pretty demanding so some days I have to pick and choose. Of course, the days I choose PJ’s inevitably are always the ones when I want to take pictures. Oh well, here ya have it. Life as it is, in all its craziness:

The night before, we ended the night with this little business man entertaining us. While Dustin played the guitar and I sang, Trevin played his little xylophone and danced.

Then we all sat around the fire and relaxed.

Tonight, however, it was raining so no fire. :( But that didn’t stop me from relaxing! Trevin and I went outside wrapped in blankets to watch the rain for awhile.

After the boys went to sleep, I FINALLY decided to check out the show everyone has been raging about: Fixer Upper. And WHY did I wait so long to watch this show?!? I have no idea. Six episodes later I had to pull myself away and told Dustin we are moving to Waco, Texas so Chip and Joanna can build us our dream home. So, ya’ll come visit us in Texas next year 😉