Ready by 4pm

Ready by 4pm
January 3, 2016 You Me and Us

We began our day with doing some much needed chores. Trevin LOVES and always asks if he can “do dishes” (aka scoop and pour soapy water from containers and bowls). I love that I can play and interact with him while I REALLY do dishes right next to him, while also teaching him about taking turns and sharing. :)



Dustin busted out the mini vacuum… Without even being asked. Seriously, sorry ladies, he’s taken.


Fed Brigham. Gee, we sure do that a lot. Haha.


Gave him a bath cuz man did he stink! Poor kid smelled like a combo of rotten milk and poopy diapers.


He was back to his cute little chubbykins self in no time 😉


Gave Trevin candy… Because he CLEARLY needs more sugar in that little body!
While I was changing his diaper and almost finished, he tooted. I jokingly said “What was that Mr.?” And he seriously said “I toot. Change diaper!”
Shortly after, he closed one eye and kept it closed. Thinking it may be bothering him or something, I asked “Are you okay?” to which he responded “I pirate. Arrrr” then opened his eye and said “I no pirate.” …….Hahaha.


Put my Christmas present in our house. (A door Jason painted and made for me.) The two antiqued doors in my living room must have been a dead give away that I am in love with them. Jason is planning to paint and sell the old doors my dad and him have taken from the houses they’re flipping. I’d say Jason is off to a great start.


The aqua color was a dead match to my pantry door. :)


Since we are sort of trying to stay alive we decided to go shopping for food at…. “Where Trevin? Walmart?” “No, WALLY-WORLD” he says. Thanks Dustin for forever confusing my child when he learns to read 😉
He had to ride on dad’s back after seeing another kid on his sister’s back in the parking lot.


A nice woman asked if we would like to all be in the picture.  Brigham: “um, I’d rather not be seen in public with these people.”


Dustin being a little sneaky sneak caught me and my body guard on camera 😉 Because you never know if people are hiding out in those trashcans…just waiting to pop out and scare some poor soul… Holy.. What a good prank for some bored college student… But on second thought, talk about instant heart attack!wp-1451803393972-2

Day 2 for 2 of this year of eating out for dinner. I guess if we started out of the house a little earlier than 4 p.m. we might actually get a lot more done… Including dinner. Hmm…


And now, chilling by the fire, ready for bed. Well, the fire isn’t. It’s got two massive logs and is ready to party for another 6 hours… It would understand why 9 o’clock bedtime sounds heavenly if it had a newborn. 😉